Case Studies

Expert Weather Interpretation Delivers Valuable Understanding

The "case studies" section of Martell Crop Projections contains detailed discussion of specific crop situations in which weather analysis and expert interpretation provide valuable intelligence on the state of the crop.  This is a new section of the website and will be developed as time permits.

11/28/2011 Hard Red Winter Wheat Would Benefit from a Wet Winter

November 28, 2011 Hard red winter wheat in the southern Great Plains has received very good rainfall in November.  Precipitation has been well above normal in Oklahoma and Kansas, particularly. ...

11/21/2011 Ukraine Grain Outlook Grim, Recovery Chances Slight With La Niña in Effect

November 18, 2011 Drought in Ukraine may not be cured due to growing La Niña influence,  pointing to sharply lower winter wheat and rapeseed production in the 2012 harvest. Drou...

11/3/2011 Texas Wheat Fortunes Hinge on La Niña

November 3, 2011   If a strong La Niña unfolds this winter Texas wheat production is doomed, but a weakening La Niña if it developed would increase rainfall, improving prospects i...

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