Weather and Crop Production News

Latest news on global agricultural weather and crop expectations.

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2/8/2016 Stormy Weather in United States Heartland Giving Way to Cold Dry Conditions

February 8, 2016 A powerful storm swept through the Great Plains last week increasing field moisture in hard red winter wheat,  ending a long stretch of dryness.  Cold and mostly dry...

2/5/2016 Heavy Rain May Bolster Argentina Summer Crops Soybeans and Corn

February 5, 2016 Argentina is expecting heavy rainfall next week curing a month-long drought in the farm belt, and boosting crop prospects.   Growing conditions deteriorated with dry weather in...

2/1/2016 Topsy-Turvy Weather in United States Heartland

February 1, 2016 A major winter storm is brewing in the Southwest United States this morning expected to track northeast through the heartland causing heavy snowfall.   Heavy wet snow is...

1/26/2016 Cold Temperatures in Europe a Potential Threat to Wheat

January 26, 2016 The coldest weather of the winter season has descended on Europe and Russia. Temperatures fell to 20 F in Paris, and minus 5 F in southern Romania and Bulgaria.   The cold wav...

1/25/2016 Changes in South America Weather with a Weakening El Niño

January 25, 2016 A weakening of El Niño may influence the weather conditions in Brazil and Argentina Brazil soybeans were subject to moisture stress the past 2 weeks.  High pressure has...

1/19/2016 Brazil Soybean Fortunes Improving on Heavy Rainfall

January 19, 2016 The flood gates have opened in the tropics in January sharply improving soybean prospects.  Exceptionally heavy rainfall has developed this month with a re-energized monsoon...

1/15/2016 Stormy Wet Conditions in Russian Winter Wheat

January 15, 2016 Recurring strong showers have developed in European Russia in recent weeks promoting flooding in scattered areas of winter grains. The past 2 weeks have been exceptionally stormy, ...

1/6/2016 Brazil's Tropical Drought Still Hindering Soybeans

January 6, 2016 Brazil’s tropical soybeans are still suffering from drought though recent showers have been beneficial in Mato Grosso.  This is Brazil’s leading farm state that las...

12/17/2015 Wet Conditions Worrisome in European Wheat

December 17, 2015 Very wet fall planting conditions prevailed in Northern and Eastern Europe reducing prospects for soft wheat. A horizontal trough of low pressure became established over northern ...

12/10/2015 El Niño a Rain Maker in Argentina, Boosting Soybean Yields

December 10, 2015 Argentina soybean prospects are favored by El Niño, a reliable rain maker in southern South America.  November planting conditions in Argentina’s soybean province...

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