Weather and Crop Production News

Latest news on global agricultural weather and crop expectations.

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11/18/2014 Unseasonably Cold Midwest Weather, Soft Red Wheat in Jeopardy

November 18, 2014 There are worries about soft red winter wheat development with unseasonably cold Midwest temperatures and planting delays.  Midwest mean temperatures last week plummeted 10-15...

11/12/2014 El Niño Signal Strengthens

November 11, 2014 A strengthening El Niño signal is having an impact on the weather in ENSO-sensitive areas of the world.   Warming of the Pacific Ocean in the eastern equatorial region ...

11/6/2014 Brazil Rainfall Continues to Disappoint

November 6, 2014 Drier conditions have developed in Brazil in early November, resuming worries over soybean prospects.  The tropical monsoon seemed to be strengthening but recently rainfall h...

11/3/2014 Showers Benefit Mato Grosso Soybeans, Argentina Top Wheat Area Wet

November 3, 2014 Prospects are looking up for Brazil soybeans with strong showers in Mato Grosso, while Argentina's top wheat province is too wet. Rainfall has increased in Mato Grosso improving co...

10/28/2014 Australia Wheat Prospects Declining

October 28, 2014 The wheat outlook in Australia has declined from worsening drought in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.   Cumulative rainfall in the 3 months, July-September, &nbs...

10/27/2014 Mato Grosso Rainy Season Finally Begins

October 27, 2014 Rainfall increased sharply in Mato Grosso last week,  improving field moisture for soybean planting.  The rainy monsoon season has gotten off to a delayed start...

10/20/2014 Heat and Moisture Stress in Brazil Tropics, Wet in South Brazil

October 20, 2014 A delayed arrival of the monsoon increases concerns about soybean planting in Mato Grosso,  the leading state, though South Brazil planting conditions are favorable. Temperat...

10/17/2014 Canada Wheat Production May be Understated

October 17, 2014 Canada wheat production estimates may increase as the harvest advances.  New Canadian crop production estimates were released by Statistics Canada on October 3, but there are ...

10/8/2014 Australia Wheat Production May Disappoint, Widespread Drought in Southern Areas

October 8, 2014 Widespread drought in Australia’s southern wheat states points to lower production than the 25.5 million tonnes of wheat currently projected. Harvesting of wheat is just gett...

10/6/2014 Patchy Frost and Freezing Conditions in Northern Midwest Corn

Conditions have been unseasonably cold the past few mornings in the northern corn belt with freezing temperatures in immature corn.   Temperatures Saturday morning bottomed out at &nb...

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