Weather and Crop Production News

Latest news on global agricultural weather and crop expectations.

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8/22/2016 Rain Makes Grain in Corn, Though Disease Poses a Threat

August 22, 2016 When is Midwest rainfall too much of a good thing?  The slogan for corn is “rain makes grain”.   However, flooding has developed from excessive rainfa...

8/15/2016 Record Large Corn Harvest Projected by USDA

August 15, 2016 The USDA has released its corn production estimates, by state and nationally, pegging the new harvest at a record high 15.15 billion bushels.   The 4 leading corn states ...

8/11/2016 China Corn Production May Disappoint

August 11, 2016 A reduced corn harvest is anticipated in China this season from drought and flooding. July rainfall was sparse in Northeast China detrimental for pollinating corn.  This is t...

8/8/2016 Heat and Humidity Hampering Midwest Corn

August 8, 2016 While the trade is expecting big corn yields, reports from the field are not very promising as a growing number of producers are finding a disappointing crop in the field.  Cor...

8/4/2016 Corn & Soybean Yields Excel in a Wet Summer

August 2, 2016 A bumper corn harvest is expected this season from heavy July rainfall in the key pollination stage.  Prospects in Midwest corn are favorable.  Producers have reported 76% ...

8/1/2016 Moderate Temperatures, Ample Rainfall Boosts Midwest Corn

August 1, 2016 Summer rainfall has been generous on Midwest farms promoting favorable yields in corn. The satellite view indicates a favorable Midwest corn crop in the making.   Robust veg...

7/25/2016 Generous Rainfall Benefits Midwest Corn

July 25, 2016 Heavy rainfall doused the Midwest last week, at least one inch of rain but 3-4 inches in parts of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.  Eighty-five percent of corn and soyb...

7/14/2016 China Corn Production Set Back by Flooding

July 14, 2016 The USDA expects a smaller corn harvest in China this season.  This is due not to drought but rather excessive rainfall and flooding.  China’s corn production has been...

7/13/2016 Favorable Weather Boosts Midwest Corn Outlook

July 13, 2016 Favorable weather in the Midwest corn belt is promoting prospects for a bumper harvest. The United States is projected to grow 1.45 billion bushels of corn this season, setting a new ...

7/7/2016 Canada Wheat Prospects Favorable, Prairie Wetness Worrisome

July 7, 2016 The Canada prairie wheat outlook is favorable though heavy rainfall and a humid environment may encourage the development of disease.  Canada wheat production is pegged at 28.5 mi...

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