Weather and Crop Production News

Latest news on global agricultural weather and crop expectations.

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7/28/2014 Flood Damage Reduces Canada's Wheat Supply

July 28, 2014 Canada wheat production in the 2014 harvest is pegged at 27.74 million metric tons, down 26% from last year due to flooding.  Flood developed early in July in Saskatchewan and Man...

7/25/2014 Exceptionally Cool July a Mixed Blessing for Corn

July 25, 2014 July weather has been unseasonably cool, retarding development of Midwest corn but improving the yield potential.   Temperatures this month to date have averaged only 70 F in Mid...

7/21/2014 Midwest Weather Drier in July, Continuing Cool

July 21, 2014 Reduced rains in July have followed record June rainfall in Midwest corn, while temperatures have trended cooler. Fair weather prevailed last week in the Midwest with warm sunny days ...

7/17/2014 China Corn Production on the Rise, Soybeans Declining

July 17, 2014 China's corn producing area is expanding at the expense of soybeans, generating record high soybean import needs. China is predicting a record high corn yield in the 2014 harvest for ...

7/14/2014 Strong Cooling Predicted in Midwest With Less Rain

July 14, 2014 Sharp cooling is predicted this week in Midwest corn and soybeans following a period of excessive wetness. Midwest temperatures are projected to fall 10-15 F below normal this week, re...

7/9/2014 More Heavy Rain Coming to Midwest Corn and Soybeans

July 9, 2014 An exceptionally wet summer is unfolding in the Midwest with a wet and cool forecast in early July. High Favorability in Corn and Soybeans Condition reports in corn and soybeans have b...

7/1/2014 Corn and Soybeans Excel Despite Extreme Wetness

July 1, 2014 Very favorable conditions in US corn and soybeans were reported June 29,  both crops near 75% good-excellent in the updated report from USDA.   This came as a surprise, given...

6/25/2014 Wet Field Conditions Worrisome in Midwest, Canada Prairies

June 25, 2014 Relentless showers in the Midwest are worrisome for corn and soybean development with flood damage mounting in late June.   Canada's top wheat province Saskatchewan is also too w...

6/19/2014 Midwest Wet Weather Continues

June 19, 2014 A rash of strong thunderstorms developed overnight in the Upper Midwest worsening already wet field conditions in corn and soybeans. Seven to 12 inches of rain has accrued in por...

6/13/2014 Russia Winter Wheat Stressed

June 13, 2014 Unseasonable warm spring temperatures in Russia was perceived as beneficial,  to start with, but over time field moisture has declined, stressing winter wheat.  There’...

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