Weather and Crop Production News

Latest news on global agricultural weather and crop expectations.

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1/20/2015 Changeable Weather in United States Heartland

January 20, 2015 Changeable weather in the United States may be linked to a weakening El Niño signal. Strong warming is predicted this week in the Midwest and northern Great Plains.  &n...

1/13/2015 Dry Conditions Persisting in Brazil Tropics, Threatening Soybeans

January 13, 2015 Mato Grosso rainfall has declined in January increasing moisture stress in the leading soybean state.    Dry conditions began more than a month ago though drought has...

1/7/2015 Ongoing Dryness in Brazil Tropics Threatens Soybeans

January 7, 2015 High pressure continues to dominate the Brazil tropics, hindering showers and increasing moisture stress in soybeans.  Mato Grosso, Brazil’s leading soybean state, h...

1/6/2015 As El Niño Signal Weakens, Weather Changes

January 5, 2015 Weather conditions have suddenly changed with a weakening El Niño.    Bitterly cold temperatures and widespread snowfall has developed in the United States heartlan...

12/22/2014 Still Dry in Hard Red Winter Wheat

December 22, 2014 Hard red winter wheat in the Great Plains continues to struggle with drought.   The biggest trouble is in Oklahoma and West Texas,  where subsoil moisture has been sever...

12/16/2014 Disappointing US Winter Wheat Conditions Point to Reduced Harvest

December 16, 2014 United States winter wheat potential has been hampered by adverse fall growing conditions for the second year in a row. Midwest wheat development has been retarded by unusually col...

12/9/2014 Australia Wheat Production Disappoints, Argentina Wheat on the Rise

December 9, 2014 Australia wheat supplies are shrinking due to expectations for a reduced wheat harvest this season, but Argentina wheat exports are predicted to surge based on higher yields that b...

12/4/2014 Australia Wheat Prospects Declining from Drought and Heat Stress

December 4, 2014 Spring drought has damaged Australia wheat, leading to expectations for a worse crop in the 2014-15 harvest. ABARE the Australia Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics has re...

12/1/2014 Trouble Spots in World Agriculture

December 1, 2014 Adverse weather is hampering crop development in widely separated areas of the world, Russia, Brazil and Europe.   Drought Persists in Russia Winter Grains   Weathe...

11/18/2014 Unseasonably Cold Midwest Weather, Soft Red Wheat in Jeopardy

November 18, 2014 There are worries about soft red winter wheat development with unseasonably cold Midwest temperatures and planting delays.  Midwest mean temperatures last week plummeted 10-15...

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