Weather and Crop Production News

Latest news on global agricultural weather and crop expectations.

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10/5/2015 Canada Prairie Wheat Yields Pegged Higher in September

October 5, 2015 Statistics Canada has boosted its estimate for the 2015 wheat harvest thanks to late-season soaking rains. Whaet production is still expected to finish lower than last season, howev...

9/28/2015 Heavy Rainfall Boosts Wheat on High Plains

September 28, 2015 Heavy soaking rain is predicted in western Kansas, Colorado and the Texas panhandle, boosting wheat development.  Field conditions were previously dry on the High Plains, sl...

9/23/2015 Plenty of Rainfall in South Brazil, El Niño Influence in Play

September 23, 2015 The rainy season is getting off to a slow start in Mato Grosso, perhaps due to a strong El Niño influence.  Conditions are favorable in South Brazil with ample rainfa...

9/15/2015 Corn Damage from Flooding, El Nino to Blame

September 14, 2015 The USDA predicts a 4.5% drop in corn production this season in the United States, the world’s largest producer and exporter, pegging the new harvest at 13.6 billion bushel...

9/8/2015 Too Wet or Dry in Midwest Crops

September 8, 2015 Growing conditions have become too wet or too dry in Midwest corn and soybeans. Strong showers rumbled through the upper Midwest this morning bringing heavy rainfall to Iowa, Minn...

8/31/2015 Mixed Field Moisture in Midwest Soybeans, Yields Highly Variable

August 31, 2015 Soybeans got a boost from generous August rainfall west of the Mississippi Valley, though the Eastern Midwest has grown steadily drier. Rainfall in August is the key determinant for ...

8/26/2015 Australia Wheat Surprisingly Good with El Niño

August 26, 2015 Australia’s crop yields are holding up well in spite of El Niño, according to a new report from AEGIC the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre.  After an ear...

8/19/2015 China Corn Diminished by Drought

August 19, 2015 China’s corn production is projected at 225 million metric tons, down from last year’s record 229 million metric tons.   Production in China corn has slowed down in ...

8/17/2015 Exceptionally Heavy Rain Coming to Midwest Corn and Soybeans

August 17, 2015 A stormy weather pattern is developing in the United States Midwest promoting exceptionally heavy rainfall in corn and soybeans.   Strong thunderstorms sprang up early thi...

8/10/2015 Midwest Field Moisture Declines, Heat Building

August 10, 2015 Midwest growing conditions were mostly favorable for corn and soybean development in July, but weather conditions have grown hotter and drier in August.   The Great Lakes regi...

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