Wheat Worries in Russia, Canada, United States

August 26, 2011

Poor results in the wheat harvest in the Black Earth region have led to another reduction in Russia grain expectations.   Sov Econ now predicts the new Russia grain harvest may be 87-88 million metric tons and lower than 87 – 90 million metric tons estimated 10 days ago.    A  90 million metric ton harvest would be overly optimistic Sov Econ chief Andrey Sisov  said.

 Black Earth wheat executive Richard Warbuton said that Black Earth winter wheat yields were coming in at 2.5 metric tons per hectare, up from last year,   but below the Russia 2.8 metric tons per hectare average in the harvest so far.    Winter wheat area was said to be down 3,000 hectares.    Harvesting reached 50% complete August 24, according to official reports from the Ministry of Agriculture...

North Dakota Wheat Deteriorating

Crop ratings in North Dakota have tumbled in August falling from 69%  good-excellent, 24% fair and 7% poor-very poor on the August 20 report.   That compares to 78% good-excellent, 18% fair and 4% poor three weeks earlier on July 30... subscribers continue to full story...



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