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Crop Projections - Expert Crop Analysis & Interpretation

Martell Crop Projections is an online source for comprehensive analysis of global crop and weather conditions - much more than just weather forecasting.  As your complete weather and crop information service providing insight on wheat, corn and soybeans in the United States and key importing and exporting countries, Martell Crop Projections delivers expert crop analysis, interpretation and monitoring tools to help influence your agricultural investment.

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Crop Projection Reports Include:

  • How weather influences crop production
  • Extraordinary graphics and crop-weather monitoring tools (SEE EXAMPLES BELOW)
  • Crop monitoring in top importing and exporting countries
  • Extensive analysis in United States crop potential, historical analogs

Sample Crop Report DATA...

Heavy Rains Benefiting China Wheat April 29

Argentina Flood Damage Not Severe in Soybeans May 9

Planting Surges in Corn and Soybeans, Bread Wheat Conditions Worsen May13 

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Weather and crop projection reports are an important tool for those who trade in corn, soybean, and wheat markets. Our clients find a subscription to Martell Crop Projections offers extraordinary value for your money.

With a subscription to Martell Crop Projections you will receive top-notch weather and crop analysis with extraordinary graphics that enhance understanding.

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