La Nina South America Drought Analog in 2008-09

January 4, 2012

Corn and soybeans are in jeopardy in southern South America from nagging drought.   A moderately strong La Nina may be the culprit,  similar to the 2008-09 La Nina induced drought.

Argentina Stressful Weather 

Hot weather continued yesterday in Argentina’s grain belt but temperatures were somewhat less extreme with upper 80s – mid 90s.  The worst heat stress occurred in Cordoba and Santa Fe,  key corn and soybean provinces.


Buenos Aires crops continued to be stressed by an extremely dry atmosphere.  The maximum temperature yesterday in western Buenos Aires was 88 F, dropping to 51 F overnight.  A daily range in temperatures of 37 F degrees is way above the normal 20 degree difference and similar to a desert climate.    Corn in the province is coming under serious moisture stress early in January as the key pollination period advances... subscribers continue to full story...

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